Stained glass or leaded glass can range greatly in price. A piece will typically range from $80 to $200 a square foot. When high end materials are used and great details are requested, the price per square foot will be higher than $200. A piece can vary in price due to many factors, some of which include size, detail and type of glass used.

How to Commission the Artist:

A meeting is arranged at the location that the customer would like the window, wall hanging or sculpture installed. If the location is outside a 100 miles radius we can arrange for a meeting over the phone, internet or email. I can also meet the client at a location farther than 100 miles but it will be at the client's expense and added to the cost of the project.

We would discuss the design, color, price range, lighting and size of the piece. I will take measurements of the location or they can be sent to me but they need to be exact (nearest 1/16th of an inch). For odd sized openings or circles, a rubbing or template of the opening would be taken to ensure a flush fit. A few sketches are usually drawn up and modified until the client is satisfied.

Once the design is set, a contract will be signed by the agreeing parties and a deposit of half of the estimated total cost will be required up front. The other half will be due upon completion of the piece.

Install or Shipping:

Should the piece need an install, I usually pass this off to a professional depending on the materials we are installing into. This would be included in my pricing. If the client would like to use their own installer, they may, it will not be included in my pricing and up to the client to acquire.

Fed Ex shipping can be arranged for a given piece. This can get costly depending on the size of the piece, as it may require crating. This cost would be the responsibility of the client.

Picture emails of the piece as it progresses can be sent to the client's email.

Things a Client Should Consider Prior to the Consult:

What type of piece (sculpture, window, wall panel) would you like?
How many pieces will you need?
What is the shape and size of the space?
What is the shape and size of the piece?
How will it be mounted? Hanging from a chain, installed in the window, mounted off a wall?
What type of design?
Will lettering be included in the piece?
Any specific colors or textures desires?
How much privacy would the piece ensure?
Would a lot of light be coming through the panes or more color?
Will the colors need to match existing colors in the surrounding area?
Where will the piece reside (address of the home or business)?
Finally, how much would you like to spend?

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