Castles Made of Sand
Stained Glass by Meg Minogue

Colorful. Bold. Words that describe the stained glass pieces created by artist Meg Minogue.

Meg was introduced to the medium as a teenager and took to it almost instinctively. Her talent became apparent quickly, as did her passion for working in glass. Her skills were developed and nurtured during an internship with the acclaimed Hallie Monroe at the Clear View Studio. Now, nearly 16 years later, Meg is the owner of Castles Made of Sand through which she presents her imaginative designs.

Meg's love of the ocean, natural for a child growing up in Southampton, NY, is reflected in her focus on marine themes. Dolphins, sharks, and other sea creatures are found throughout her work; represented in vibrant blues, greens, and silvers, and animated by varying textures. Meg's custom creations also include florals, gardens, and scenic views, and she's one of the few stained glass artists to produce portraits of Rock 'n' Roll legends such as Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon.

Versatile, and always looking to expand her repertoire, Meg has created a portfolio that includes free standing sculptures, panels, and installations in a wide range of sizes. She employs the full spectrum of colors in combinations that amplify the beauty and impact of each piece. Meg's custom stained glass may be purely decorative or used for architectural enhancement. Her work is contemporary, yet timeless.

Whatever your vision, Meg will bring it to life in glass. ~ Judy Rose